CUL DE SAC - Truth and Reconciliation, Stephen Hall, 2014
“Truth and Reconciliation” Stephen Hall. Mural, 10 x 4 m, 2014. Photo: Cul De Sac Gallery.
Truth and Reconciliation
Stephen Hall, 2014
6.3.2014 - 6.5.2014
Open 24 hours

Cul De Sac Gallery opens a new programme of Street Art with «Truth & Reconciliation»,
Stephen Hall 2014.
A project commemorating UK City of Culture Derry Londonderry 2013 and recreating the
iconic Free Derry Wall in London.
New Kent Road, Theobald Street, rear of County Street.
6.3.2014 – 6.5.2014

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County Street
Urban Garden

Open from 14 July 2012