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A Painting is a Painting is a Painting

26 January - 26 February 2012

CUL DE SAC presents an exhibition of new painting curated by Rod Barton Gallery.

This exhibition brings together six international artists: Nicolas Deshayes, Roman Liška, Oliver Osborne, Oliver Perkins, Dan Rees, Hugh Scott-Douglas, each one pushing the boundaries of contemporary image-making. Conflicting representations of the frame as both a supporting and restrictive device are played against established conventions of painting. References are acknowledged but they are not the central focus. Concerning the irreproducibility of this medium, there is a clear sensibility to materiality. Yet CUL DE SAC - «A Painting is a Painting is a Painting»moving beyond purely formal and process-based concerns, definitions of "the new painting" are eschewed in asking how material can become an image.

Producing a number of panels that are displayed as one artwork, Dan Rees explores sequence without the inclusion of imagery. Each panel ties into the next owing to obvious similarities, but avoids finite identification. Considering multiple possibilities of signification, Oliver Osborne incorporates diverse imagery in his paintings. Reproduction or repetition is not necessarily seen as an affirmation, resulting in a suspension of the painting as absolute. Oliver Perkins implants a second stretcher in his work, placing an emphasis on dislocation and support. Drawing attention to the artistic process, the artwork as a final representational piece is rejected. Making sculptural installations out of panels, Nicolas Deshayes reworks established hanging methods, redefining the frame.
Space is collapsed and information is condensed in the reliefs constructed from vacuum formed plastic, the wipe-clean quality of which bears a visceral materiality bridging the gap between the work and its surrounding environment. The combination of off-kilter tones and textures in Roman Liška's paintings adopt the appearance of unidentifiable materials. At once dense and weightless, the flat surface of the canvas is interrupted by layering that appears both meticulous and owing to chance. Exploring contingency through alternative mediums, Hugh Scott-Douglas manipulates photographic and printing processes. His new untitled works are textile based giving rise to a slight variation in each piece, as the difference in dimensions and stretching of the material contorts the scanned image onto which it is printed.

Painting, is a Painting, is a Painting brings together artists who rework the paradigm of painting as representational and complete. Instead of relying on the canvas as an ultimate facility, painting as a definitive medium is defied by plasticity between other media and introducing elements of the reproductive and multiple.

Rod Barton

Nicolas Deshayes, born 1983 in Nancy, France, lives and works in London. Deshayes completed his MA Sculpture course at the Royal College of Art in 2009; Recent solo and two person exhibitions include Vanille (with George Henry Longly), Galerie Chez Valentin, Paris (2012); PRECURSOR, Event Gallery, London (2011); A Killer Whale Breaching in Soft Focus (with Ed Atkins), Transmission Gallery, Glasgow (2010); Cultural Wood Concrete, Hayward Gallery, London, (2010); Stiff Peaks, The Two Jonnys Project Space, London, (2010). He curated Rain at Cell Project Space, and recently participated in group exhibitions at Bischoff/Weiss, London, Mot International, London, Gallery Vela, London, Zabludowicz Collection, London and White Columns, New York

Roman Liška, born 1980 in Slovakia, lives and works in London. Currently at the Royal College of Art on the MA Painting program to complete in the summer of 2013. Recent exhibitions include Loading Spaces, Brickhouse (curated by Guy Gormley), Site Festival, Stroud (2011); PAMI: Peckham Artist Moving Image (2011); N/V_PROJECTS, London (2011); Post-Critical Panther Party, LimaZulu Project Space, London, (2010)

Oliver Osborne, born 1985 in Edinburgh, Scotland, lives and works in London. Osborne completed his MA in Fine Art at Royal Academy Schools in 2011. Recent exhibitions include THE CALL (FCO-CLJ-LTN), Peles Empire, Cluj, Romania (2011); Off Site, curated by Rod Barton Gallery, London (2011); Karl Orton, Oliver Osborne, Tomas Downes, Galerie Eva Winkeler, Cologne (2011); Buy A Good Bed And Good Shoes, If You Are Not In One You Are In The Other, Peles Empire, London (2011); Men, Orton, NL, Rotterdam (2010).

Oliver Perkins, born 1979 in Christchurch, New Zealand, lives and works in London. Perkins completed his studies at Chelsea College of Art in 2005. Recent exhibitions include Accordion, (solo) Cell Projects, London (2011); What If Its All True, What Then?, Mummery & Schnelle, London (2011); The Grey Area, Cell Projects, Motel, Bartley & Company, New Zealand (2009-2010). He was selected for the Jerwood Painting Prize, London in 2009.

Dan Rees, born 1982 in Swansea, UK, lives and works in Berlin. Rees studied at the Staatliche Hochschule fur Bildende Künste Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main 2007-9, and graduated from Camberwell College of Arts, London in 2004. Recent solo exhibitions include: Cryogenic Blue, T293, Rome, Italy (2011) Green Room: Dan Rees, Museum der Weltkulturen, Frankfurt, Germany (2011); Shakin Peg Rails (And The Sunsets), Wallspace, New York, USA (2010).

Hugh Scott-Douglas, born 1988 in Cambridge, UK, lives and works in Toronto, Canada. Scott-Douglas received his BFA from OCAD, Toronto. Recent solo exhibitions include: A cashed cheque, a cancelled stamp, Silverman Gallery, San Francisco, USA (2011); A place in the sun, Clifton Benevento (2011); Sitzprobe, Croy Nielsen, Berlin, Germany (2011); Chinese Whispers, Clint Roenisch, Toronto, Canada (2011)



  • Dan Rees, untitled, 2011, 11 primed canvases, spray-paint, 2 x 8.5 m
  • Dan Rees, untitled, 2011, 11 primed canvases, spray-paint, 2 x 8.5 m
  • Hugh Scott-Douglas and Roman Liška
  • Hugh Scott-Douglas, untitled, 2012, dye-jet on canvas, 101.6 x 76.2 cm each
  • Roman Liška, Nicolas Deshayes (middle) and Oliver Osborne (right)
  • Nicolas Deshayes, Collective Naturals, 2012, vaccuum-formed plastic, aluminium, machine screws and neoprene foam, 75 x 250 x 5 cm
  • Oliver Perkins and Hugh Scott-Douglas
  • Nicolas Deshayes, Collective Naturals, 2012, vaccuum-formed plastic, aluminium, machine screws and neoprene foam, 75 x 250 x 5 cm
  • Oliver Perkins
  • Oliver Perkins, The Bridge, 2012, ink and rabbit skin glued on canvas, 46 x 123 cm
  • Roman Liška, Nicolas Deshayes (middle) and Oliver Osborne (right)
  • Oliver Osborne, NIMM LIEBER EIN TAXI!, 2012, oil and digital print on canvas on six panels, 240 x 180 cm
  • Roman Liška, Déjà Vu, 2011, aluminium newspaper, acrylic sheet, 100 x 50 x 40 cm
  • Hugh Scott-Douglas and Roman Liška
  • Roman Liška, untitled (wicked, sis!), 2012, cling film, mesh fabric, eyelets, spray paint on stretcher, 62 x 48 cm
  • Oliver Perkins and Hugh Scott-Douglas
  • Roman Liška, untitled (dazzle), 2011, xerox copy, tape, hardware, 118 x 84 cm
  • Roman Liška, Nicolas Deshayes (middle) and Oliver Osborne (right)
  • Roman Liška and Nicolas Deshayes (right)
  •  Photos: Tomaž Kramberger




















































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